In today’s world, it seem as though you are wasting your time if you do not have a personal brand online. It is almost like everyone wants to become an internet sensation.

The good news is that everyone can be an internet sensation. Anyone can build a successful personal brand because we are all unique.

In fact, everyone should build a personal brand on whatever platform that suits them. Your personal brand is what announces you to the world.

Building a successful personal brand is not so easy, trust me you’re not alone. I didn’t understand how to build a personal brand until recently. I’m sharing all of what I know about building a personal brand in this post. Let’s start with this quote by Tim Ferriss.

Personal branding is about managing your name even when you don’t have a business.

Tim Ferriss

You don’t need to have a business to build a personal brand. It is about how you manage your name.

I love Instagram (as well as blogging) so this post is going to cover everything you need in building a personal brand on Instagram.

Whether you are new on Instagram or you want to increase your visibility on Instagram, building a personal brand is your best option.

You might ask yourself why you really need a personal brand, here’s why

Why building a personal brand is important for everyone

  • Building a personal brand helps you stand out from every other person
  • A personal brand gives you massive online visibility
  • Building a personal brand portrays you as an authority in your area of focus
  • It also help you position yourself as a thought leader
  • A personal brand opens door to many opportunities like speaking gigs, book deals etc.

There are so many opportunities that come from building a personal brand but I would not want you to dwell on that, instead I will go on to share how you can start building a personal brand on Instagram now.

How to build a successful personal brand on Instagram

How to build a successful personal brand on Instagram

1. Have a clear message

The first thing you need to do is to clarify your message to yourself. Yes, it is important to understand it first.

Why do you want someone to follow? What kind of message do you want to pass in your contents?

If you do not understand your own message, you would not be able to communicate it others. Just like every other relationship, communication is important in building a relationship on Instagram as well.

Take a pen and paper right now, write out what type of message you want to pass.

It could be a single and simple message as I’m just here to have fun or something helpful like I’m here to pass my knowledge of blogging (or whatever) to others.

If you can do this, you can now take the next step which is,

2. Research

It is important to do some research before setting up your profile. However it is not too late if you already have an Instagram profile.

Take time to carry out research on your audience, that is, the people that need your message.

  • Who are they?
  • What age range do they fall?
  • Where do they hangout?
  • Are they employed or students?

Get as much information on your audience as possible. That way you will be able to create contents tailored for them. This means you will get more engagement on your posts.

Another research to do (although optional) is on your competitors, that is, people who are already talking about similar thing.

  • What type of contents do they have?
  • Does pictures perform better than videos on their page?
  • How do they relate with their audience?

Studying your competitors does not mean you need to do what they do. You don’t have to copy them just study them to know what works and what doesn’t.

Personally, I don’t study my competitors because studying competitors sometimes make me feel pressured. So I just do my thing.

3. Set up your profile

If you’re not new on Instagram, chances are you have already set up your profile but did it the wrong way. Download this guide on how to optimize and set up your profile.

However when you just starting out, your profile is the first thing to set up. Whenever someone visits your profile, you can increase the chances of being followed by setting up your profile properly.

Go to your profile and go to edit profile, first, you need to make sure your profile is not set to private. You can set it to business or creator account depending on you.

When you have a business or creator account, you get tools like insights and promotion to help you grow and measure your growth.

Then, start optimizing your profile.

Here’s what to do when optimizing your profile

  • Fill in keywords in your name

Keywords are words you type into search bars which Instagram (and search engines) processes and deliver you search results.

lifestyle blogger, blogger, beauty, Lagos model, chronic illness are all keywords. So make sure you include keywords that are relevant to your message in your name.

If you are going to be talking about cats on your profile you should include cats in your name. I am a blogger and I also create contents around sickle cell so my name included blogging and sickle cell.

When you include keywords in your name, Instagram suggests your account to anyone who searches for that keyword.

Keep in mind that your name can only be changed twice in 14 days.

  • Pick a username

Don’t worry too much about username, just be creative. You can even use your name.

  • Website

Fill in your website if you have one. If you don’t have one, no worries. Go ahead to craft your bio.

  • Craft your bio

Your bio is as important as your profile itself. When someone visits your account, a good bio can convince them to click the follow button and it can convince them not to.

When crafting your bio,

  • Tell us who you are
  • What you do
  • Feel free to include some emojis
  • Don’t forget your personality
  • Choose a grid layout
How to build a personal brand on Instagram

Have you ever followed someone on Instagram just because of how beautiful their feed is? I have actually.

Instagram is a visual platform and some people follow you just because of your feed appearance.

Here are some examples of grid layouts

  • Tiles feed

Salem Kinging‘s Instagram feed is an example of feed grid layout. He also plays with white and black filter on his pictures which makes his profile even more appealing. Try to stick with a filter or color. Icreatewithfw‘s feed (on the right)explains more.

  • Square

The square grid layout is the easiest to create. Post your pictures, one square at a time but make sure you stick to a filter or color. Check out minimaliststyle feed.

  • Diagonal

When using the diagonal grid, you need to follow the same pattern diagonally. It could be sticking to color, filter or even a topic. In this example from previewapp website, the first account posts only girls picture diagonally.

The second did the same with ice cream and coffee and the third played with colors and food in diagonal form.

Previewapp posted nine types of Instagram grid layout in a post, you can check it out here.

One thing about all of these grid layout is that, you have to be consistent for it work.

Stick with one layout for a long time and your feed will look so good.

It’s time I started staying consistent with the look on my feed, I know.

If you don’t want to worry about grid layouts, you can do this. Stick to one filter like katie and itsmaryamsalam’s feed

Always consider your brand colour as well and stick to it.

4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are important for the growth of your personal brand on Instagram.

Here’s a secret,

I haven’t been able get hold of hashtags for my accounts. Sometimes they work very well, sometimes it is like they are there to frustrate me.

But you should use hashtags anyways because I do regardless.

Here are some tips when using hashtags,

  • Don’t use hashtags with too much
  • Use hashtags related to your posts
  • Create good contents, without good contents, your hashtags won’t work

You should also read more how to use hashtags on Instagram especially for smaller accounts.

5. Interact with similar accounts

Your audience are probably already consuming the same type of content you want to deliver somewhere else.

Finding these accounts and interacting with them will help you a lot.

Interacting with similar accounts is a great way to get your personal brand noticed by ideal audience.

Drop meaningful comments on their post, share and mention them. This way you can get attention from their audience.

You can also steal their followers.

Collaborating with similar accounts is another great way to have your personal brand noticed. Find ways to collaboration.  

6. Consistency and patience

Building a personal brand would not happen overnight. It takes consistency to become a brand and make people notice you.

You need to keep showing up on your feed and story. To get your personal brand going, you need to be patient as well.

Keep these in mind when building a personal brand on Instagram

  • Be authentic
  • Success of your brand does not depend on the number of followers you have
  • Feel free to experiment
  • Be vulnerable
  • Put your audience first

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Building a successful personal brand on Instagram


Building a successful personal brand on Instagram (or anywhere online really) does not happen overnight. It takes consistency and patience.

Your brand is a combination of everything that make up who you are so consistently showing up as who you are is key.

You don’t have to copy someone else.

Everyone can build a successful personal brand because we are all unique and that uniqueness is what make people trust you.

Also, personal branding a journey for life. There is no point where you can say you have actually built your brand.

You keep building it everyday by showing up and doing your thing. Be open to evolving, explore newer side and share whatever. Make sure to stay connected with your audience.

Anyone can build a personal brand and with these tips you too can on Instagram.

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