One of the seven online business ideas that I wrote about last week is to create digital products. If you haven’t read the post on online business ideas, click here to read.

Creating a digital product is the best online business that you can start if you live with chronic illness. It offers you,

  1. The opportunity to create passive income for yourself
  2. It doesn’t require any startup
  3. Once you create one digital product, you can sell it over and over again.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with the world
  5. Gives you the opportunity to help someone
  6. You can create and sell as many digital products as possible

I can go on and on about the advantages of creating a digital product but it is of no use until you can actually create your own digital product.

Before I show you how to create a digital product, you should understand what a digital product is and the types you can create.

How to create a digital product that sells millions

What is a digital product?

A digital product is any product (sometimes service) that you sell online and does not have any physical form. Since digital products are majorly online, they are very inexpensive. You do not have to worry about inventories or stores for your products.

If you are wondering what type of digital product you can create, then here you have it.

Types of digital products you can create

There are many types of digital products that you can create but for this article, I am just going to list ten.

  1. Ebooks
  2. Courses
  3. Videos
  4. Audios
  5. Photography
  6. Applications
  7. Templates
  8. Coaching service
  9. Printables
  10. Web elements

Now, let’s discuss these so you can decide which digital product you want to create.

1. Ebooks

EBooks are one of the most popular digital products around. They are very inexpensive to create and can be read on any device. You can create eBooks on any topic of interest.

For instance, if you love cooking, you can create an eBook with recipes which will help people cook a particular type of food. Or if you love to help other warriors achieve something, create a how-to eBook to help them achieve for you.

Actually, you can create an eBook on anything. Whether it is a relationship or career, it does not matter. As long as it helps someone out there.

Here’s a chart representing the growth in sales of eBook in US alone from 2010 to 2019.

Types of digital product to create and EBook statistics

2. Courses

Did you know that the e-learning industry is excepted to reach 31… by the end of 2021. The lockdown imposed by countries across the world due to covid-19 has given the industry a huge boost.

Many people are now turning online for knowledge and that is what you want to leverage on.

You can create a course that helps people learn something and change their lives. For instance, if you have knowledge of the relationship niche, you can create a course that helps people build the perfect relationship.

Your online course can be either video or audio course but whichever it is, make sure you create a course that help people achieve what they want.

3. Videos

You can also create videos (not a course) as a digital product. If you are a content creator or coach, you can create series of videos that help your audience.

If you have a blog or website, you can put your videos on it.

4. Audios

Audios are another wonderful digital product to sell. Think of selling audios as you most important way to make money if you are a musicians.

In today’s world, musicians no longer need to spend too much to get their music to their fans. You can record and publish your track on sites like Apple music, Spotify, Amazon music and other websites where people can stream and you get paid.

If you are not a musician, you can still sell make money from audio. You can create a podcast that people pay to listen to. Find a topic you’re passionate about and start talking about it.

5. Photography

Don’t be surprised. Photographers can make money selling their beautiful images.

If you are familiar with sites like Pexels and Unsplash, you would notice that the pictures there are free. Just as these sites have free pictures from photographers, there are also sites that require you to pay.

As a photographer, you can sell your images to sites like shutterstock and make profit.

Digital product for photographers

6. Applications

Yes, an application is a digital product that can make you lots of money from. It does not matter what you do, you can create a digital product and have people subscribe before they can use it or pay for premium features.

Note that you do not need to be a software developer or app developer to create an application. You can hire one whether as a freelancer or part of your team.

I have seen fitness coaches, bloggers, business owners create applications for their audience so it does not really matter what you do. Just make sure your application solves a problem.

7. Templates

One thing that is true about the digital age is that people want to reduce the time they spend doing things. No one wants to spend hours on one thing anymore.

And you can help them achieve that by creating templates.

Templates are files created so that others do not need to start from the beginning. It can be downloaded and edited just to suit the person using it.

Examples of templates are canva design templates, Microsoft document templates resumes, letters, and

8. Coaching service

If you have something that can help someone achieve, then you can create a coaching service. You do not need to be an expert, you need to just start.

As a coach, the interesting thing is that you can create any type of digital product as long as it is improving the lives of your audience.

For instance, if you are a coach helping people living with chronic illness develop a healthy mindset then you can create an eBook or even an application.

9. Printables

Just because digital products are online products does not mean they have to remain a online. An eBook for instance can be printed and read physically.

Printables are products that can printed and used offline. Although printables are usually really short, usually in between a page or two.

Daily planners, weekly planners, and checklists are examples of printables.

If you are food content creator or chef, you can create a meal plan for your audience.

10. Web elements

Have you ever needed a font and found it somewhere online but you have to pay for it/ If you have then that’s an example of a web element. You can create elements for people to download and make use of.

Another example is WordPress themes.

You can create WordPress themes, online tools and a lot more.

Types of digital products anyone can create

How to create digital products that actually sell

I hope that you have understood the types of digital products that you can create. You don’t need to be an expert in anything, just learn what it takes to create a digital product.

Now, let’s discuss how you can create a digital product that sells.

1. Find a problem to solve

It all begins with a problem that you are willing to solve. Everyone has a problem and you need to figure out which you want to solve and help people solve it.

When I say problem, you might be thinking too deep. You don’t have to think too deep. Just look around you and figure out what people are complaining about and figure out a solution.

Maybe your friends complain about pain, you can create a digital product that helps them deal with pain. Or maybe you figured you have a problem finding clothes that fit, you can solve that problem for yourself and as well create a digital product for people with similar problem.

When picking a problem to solve, remember these,

  • Pick a problem that you are passionate about or interested in
  • Make sure to pick one with earning potential
  • You don’t have to know how to solve it from the beginning, you can learn how to solve it later
  • It could be a problem that you have and want to find a solution to

2. Create your digital product

Now that you have a problem, you can now find a solution and package it into a digital product.

Whether it is an eBook or courses, or coaching, you can make a profit as long as your product solves the problem it promises to solve.

If you want me to make a post on how to create eBooks especially on Canva, let me know in the comment section.

3. Choose a platform to host it

Once you have created your digital product, you need somewhere to host it. The best place to host your digital product is your blog or website but if you do not have a blog or do not have lots of blog traffic, then forget that.

There are different platforms to that can help you host your digital product whether it is an eBook or a video course or even a coaching service.

Some of these platforms are free, some are paid.

I use and I also love Kobocourse, just that in Kobocourse your buyers need to open an account before they can purchase.

I have an eBook on Selar, how to get started as a content creator on Instagram , check it out.

4. Start talking about it

This is where the real work begins and this is where many people fail.

Marketing. Talk about your digital product everywhere because if you do not talk about it, nobody will know.

The best way to market is through content marketing, although this takes a bit of time because you need to build trust with your content. However, it is the best.

Start creating free content that lures people to your paid digital product. You can start creating this content on social media, blogs, and even word of mouth.

Make sure you are giving enough value in your free content so that people can be rest assured to get more in the paid.

5. Prelaunch

Pre-launching is like telling your audience about your digital product before you launch it. So when you create your product, don’t launch it immediately because no one will buy.

Give them teasers, let them know what’s coming. You can do this through your free content as well. Pre-launching is a very important marketing step so do not skip it.

6. Create a buyer’s journey

After getting your audience hyped and anticipating, you can now launch. However, when you launch, make sure to take your buyers through a journey.

Usually, in marketing, there are three stages to getting someone to buy. These are,

  • Awareness

It begins with getting them aware of the product, you have done this in the pre-launch step but you need to keep doing it. You need to keep getting new potential buyers aware that you sell a solution to their problem.

Content creation is a great way to keep people aware of your content.

  • Consideration

This is the step where your audience are already aware but they haven’t made a decision to buy. You need to keep showing them proves that investing in your digital product is right for them.

You can do this by sharing testimonials of people who have used your digital product. If you do not have one, it’s fine. Keep showing up regardless.

Creating a landing page that talks more about your product is another great way to get your buyer more interested.

  • Decision

The final step.

Now, your buyer is not only aware of how your product can help him but also he is convinced that it is what he needs to solve his problem.

Your job is done here. All of the other things depend on your buyer.

7. Keep talking about it

Many people create a digital product, make few sales and they forget about it.

A digital product is supposed to be sold over and over again. You need to keep talking about it so that you can get new customers.

Don’t stop creating content that promotes your digital product.

How to create digital products that sell


One of the best online business ideas for people living with a chronic illness is to create a digital product. You don’t have to do too much work, just put in a little effort the first time and let your digital product make you money over and over again.

When you want to create digital products, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is Value.

People would only pay you money if you promise to give them enough value to transform their lives. The transformation is very important. Try to focus on the effect of your digital product on them, and sell that to them from the beginning.

Feel free to ask your question in the comment section, I will definitely reply. Please share to someone.

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