Have you ever felt like quitting because your chronic illness blog is not growing?

You are sharing all these amazing tips and interesting content on your chronic illness but no one is reading?

See, I understand that feeling. Every blogger does.

It is frustrating to spend hours creating a blog post and no one is reading it.

As someone living with a chronic illness, blogging isn’t just a means of sharing my story with you.

It is also a means of an extra source of income as it is for many other chronic illness bloggers.

The truth is, making money as a chronic illness blogger depends heavily on how much traffic you get on your chronic illness blog.

So how do you get this traffic?

I’ll share with you seven ways to get massive traffic to your chronic illness blog in this post.

First, here is a short guide on how to start a chronic illness blog.

How to start a chronic illness blog

1. Register your domain name and buy web hosting

Your domain name is like the name of your blog. Mine is ambitiouswarrior.com.

There are different domain levels at different prices. These prices also varies with the company you register with.

There is .com, .ng, .com.ng, and others. All of these come at different prices.

I use DomainKing, a Nigerian company that offers both domain and web hosting at a very affordable price. They also offer 24 hours support to their customers. You should register your domain name with them, click here.

2. Pick a blogging platform

Although it begins with having a niche, since you have already decided to focus on people living with chronic illness, now pick a blogging platform.

There are different blogging platforms available for you but I highly recommend using WordPress.

WordPress offers great free features for your blog and it is easy to use.

3. Publish your first post

Install WordPress, it’s easy to install. After that, publish your first post.

It might be overwhelming but it shouldn’t be.

Just feel free to let your personality shine through, you might introduce yourself and why you started your blog in your first post.

Also, let people know what to expect on your blog. Are you going to be sharing your journey with chronic illness? or You are going to be teaching your readers something.

Your first post is only the beginning, your journey to blogging just started. You can always evolve later.

Here’s a full guide on how to start a blog in less than 24 hours.

Now let’s talk about how to drive traffic to your chronic illness blog.

How to drive massive traffic to your chronic illness blog

How to drive traffic to your chronic illness blog

1. Understand your audience

This is as important as your blog itself. You need to understand your audience, and I am not talking about just knowing that they live with a chronic illness.

Of course, you know they live with a chronic illness but there is more to them than that. You need to get as much information about your audience so that you can create posts that will attract them.

One way to understand as much is to ask questions

  • How old are they?
  • Are you going to focus on only women or only men living with chronic illness?
  • What type of chronic illness do they have?
  • Would you want to attract a specific type of chronic illness warriors?
  • What is/are their biggest challenge(s)?
  • In what way do you want to help?

There are a lot of questions that you can ask yourself or your audience that will help you understand them. Although you don’t have to have answers to all of it. Just know enough to help them.

2. Create valuable blog posts for your audience

Once you understand your audience, you can start creating blog posts that are valuable to them.

Don’t get confused.

Valuable just means something that they would love see read.

It could be sharing your story or teaching them something or even sharing your thoughts about something.

The most important thing is that you are ready to share it and someone wants to read it.

3. Always share your blogposts

Many chronic illness bloggers make the mistake of not sharing their blogposts. After creating your blogposts you need to share them.

No one will know about your chronic illness blog if you do not share your posts.

Here are three top platforms to share your blogposts,

Facebook groups

Facebook groups is one of the surest way to get traffic to your chronic illness blog. Make sure you join groups that are related to what your blog is about.

Share your old and new blog posts there but make sure it will be valuable to members of the group.

Another thing is that you need to make sure you are not just dumping your posts there. Remember that you did not create the Facebook group and the creators did not create it because of you.

Contribute to other matters in the group. Be an active member. That’s how to build influence and a lasting massive blog traffic.

Email subscribers

If you are a chronic illness blogger without an email list, you are missing out on a lot of things. You need to go create one now.

Your email list is the best way to build connection with your blog readers.

It offers you the opportunity to connect with them, sell to them, and even update them on what’s going on in your life.

When you create a new blogpost, you should send it out to your email list. Let your subscribers know there is something new on the blog.

You can even send them old posts. It doesn’t matter.

If you are ready to start your email list, I suggest you use convertkit.

Convertkit is easy to use and you can start with a free account that allows up to 1000 subscribers.

I use convertkit, Click here to join for free.


Another great way to drive more eyes to your post is by using Pinterest.

Pinterest is more than a social media service, it is fast becoming an image-sharing search engine. You can get anything you want on Pinterest.

The platform has over 459 million active users as at 2020. This is according to Sproutsocial.

Number of pinterest users
Source, Statista.com

This number is more than Twitter and Snapchat combined so you should take advantage of that.

Make sure you share your posts on Pinterest and connect with other chronic illness bloggers on Pinterest.

Grow you chronic illness blog

4. Collaborate/Network with other chronic illness bloggers

Networking is one of the best but most underrated task for bloggers.

You cannot do it alone. Maybe I need to state again.


Make sure you are trying to do it alone, find other chronic illness bloggers and be friends with them.

If possible, you should collaborate with them.

Write a guest post for them, Include them in a roundup post, Ask them for their opinion.

These are some ways to collaborate with other chronic illness bloggers.

5. Make it easy for readers to share your post

Everyone wants things easy so you need to make it easy for your readers.

There are free WordPress plugins that help your readers share your blogpost easily.

I use ‘grow social by mediavine’ and it is nice. If you have other plugins you use to make sharing easy, recommend them in the comment section.

6. Ask for a share

Sometimes if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Ask and you shall receive. You should always ask your audience to share your post, include it as a call to action at the end of your posts.

7. Recreate old blogposts and share

After posting your blogposts, that not the end.

You can always go back to edit and recreate them. You can also go back to share them again.

There is no rule that says your old blogposts need to remain at the bottom of your blog.

Here are some tips for you,

Quick blogging tips for chronic illness bloggers

  • Make sure you create blog posts that help your audience
  • Connect with other chronic illness bloggers
  • Start building an email list as soon as possible
  • Create a connection with your current readers
  • Stay consistent and patient
Drive more traffic to your blog with these tips

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Growing your chronic illness blog traffic might seem difficult but it shouldn’t be if you know what to do. Although it takes time, it is not impossible.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you want to drive traffic to your chronic illness blog is understanding your audience.

It is important because once you understand your audience, you can create blogposts that they find helpful, this will not only help you build credibility among your current readers but it will also attract your ideal audience.

Hence, you need to start with understanding your audience.

If you found this helpful, please share and let me know in the comment section.

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