How easy is content creation for you?

I remembered when I first started on Instagram, I would sit for hours thinking of what to post.

It was really tough coming up with content everyday.

Sometimes, I give in and decide to not post for that day.

Creating content daily is not an easy job, I’ve been there. But fortunately some people have developed tools that make things easier.

As a content creator and social media manager, I find these tools very helpful.

Today, I want to share thirteen tools that I use to create content for Instagram.

These tools have helped me create more content for Instagram so if you looking for how to create more content for Instagram, keep reading.

13 tools I use to create content for Instagram

Tools for planning

Looking back now, I can say that most times I do not post because I haven’t planned any post.

It is important to plan your posts and their captions ahead.

This will remove so many worries.

I know that when I started planning my Instagram posts, I was able to create more content for Instagram.

The first step to planning is writing out your ideas, here are two apps I use to do that,

Apps for planning and to create content for Instagram

1. Notes

The note app on my phone has been very helpful.

Anytime I get an idea or see something I wish to recreate online, I quickly open the notes app and write it down.

Ideas are very volatile. They can be in your head this minute and the next, they’re gone.

Don’t wait till you have a pen or paper, you can pull out your phone and write your idea in your notes app.

2. Trello

Trello is a tool that has helped me stay organized.

When you use Trello, it can tell you what you are working on or the tasks you have completed.

There is also sticky notes where you can write ideas you want to work on.

So if you ever run out of content idea for Instagram, you can go to the sticky note and check out your ideas.

3. Google docs

Google docs has been really helpful in my journey both as a blogger and an Instagram content creator.

I used to use Microsoft Word but I realized Google docs is better because it automatically saves online and whatever I create or plan can be shared with someone else.

Tools for graphics

Okay, now let’s move to the creation stage. Starting with designing graphics.

Although I am graphics designer so I am quite good with graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop and Corel draw but I don’t really use them.

I think the apps waste time since there are no templates for creating Instagram contents.

This brings me to my best tool for creating content for Instagram.

4. Canva

Yup, Canva is my favorite tool for designing graphics.

I think Canva is the most used app on my phone. That’s how much I use it.

You don’t have to be a graphics designer or have designing skills to use Canva, there are templates to help you create content for Instagram.

That’s why I love it.

Whether it is Instagram story content or feed content, there are template.

And another lovely feature is that I can have my brand color saved so I don’t have to learn the hex color codes.

Canva is also free. Although there are features that are available for paid users only but the free is quite okay for starters.

I can actually keep talking about how much I love and all of the things I love about Canva but I won’t.

I’ll just move to the next.

Wait, take few minutes to pin this on Pinterest

Tools for picture editing

Instagram is a very visual platform. You should have beautiful pictures or at least a nice looking feed.

Who doesn’t like a nice looking feed? A nice looking feed can help increase your chances of being followed.

There are different ways to design your feed to look good and one of it is to use the same filter.

I have found two wonderful tools to edit my pictures and give it the perfect filter.


I’m presently using this more because of the filters, I need to be consistent with that for my feed’s sake.

There are different beautiful filters in the app but you can only use them on pictures if you have the free account.

For the paid, you unlock new filters and even use it on videos

6. Snapseed

Snapseed isn’t so different from VSCO in terms of features.

Although they have different filters but just like VSCO, there are some features that are for paid users.

Tools for video editing

Many of the pictures editing tools require you to upgrade before you can edit videos. 

So instead of upgrading, I use this free video editing tool that is effective. 

7. Inshot

A free and paid video editing tool which I really love. 

It’s filters are beautiful and you can use transitions as well as effects for your video. 

It’s a wonderful app, trust me. 

Tools for scheduling 

After having my pictures and videos ready, it’s time to post. 

But posting can also be stressful especially when you haven’t had your captions and hashtags ready. 

I always try to avoid such situations so I block out time to create content for Instagram, include captions and schedule them for auto posting. 

And I use two tools for that. 

8. Plann

I recently found this app and I’m loving it. 

Plann is an Instagram scheduler tool which allows me to design my feed and helps auto post my contents. 

There are many reasons I had to switch from Facebook Creator Studio to Plann and one of them is the ease of creating Instagram content strategy. 

Plann has already built strategies for you to pick so that you don’t have to worry about that. 

I also like that I can see what my feed will look like before it goes on Instagram. 

9. Facebook Creator Studio 

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, there have been different features that make creating content for Instagram and Facebook seamless. 

One of these features is the Creator Studio where you can schedule your Facebook posts as well as Instagram contents. 

But it’s only meant for scheduling, and analytics.

That’s why I always prefer Plann. To use Facebook Creator Studio, all you have to do is login to Facebook and click on 

Tools for hashtag research 

If you want to grow on Instagram, take hashtags serious. 

Instagram allows thirty hashtags on a post, I use it all. It’s advisable to use all thirty. 

One thing I found about hashtags is that you need to know which hashtags to use, don’t just splash any hashtag on your post. 

But if you do not know which hashtag to use, you are more likely to use just any hashtag. 

That’s why I recommend hashtag research. 

You need to sit and research the best hashtags for your account. 

And I use just one app for that. 

Note: Not using a hashtag does not mean your account will not grow. Hashtag is just one of multiple growth strategies. 

10. Gravtag

Here’s the app I use for hashtag research. Gravtag is a free app that allows you to search relevant hashtags. 

It might not be the best research tool but it works quite well for me. 

All you need is to enter terms that describe the photo you want to create hashtag for.

Once you do that, Gravtag will list related hashtags.

When using hashtags, it is important to include hashtags related to the following,

  • Your location
  • The audience you want to target
  • Your niche
  • The post
  • Your brand

Also, keep in mind that hashtags with very high number of posts (1 million and above) are to be avoided especially if you have a small account.

This is because your posts is very likely to get lost in the midst of millions of posts so it does not rank or do well.

Create more content for Instagram
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Other tools

There are some tools that I use, I don’t know where to categorize them so let’s call them others. 

They’re also very helpful tools for creators. Let’s go,

11. Repost for Instagram 

Whenever I see a post that I love and I know it would be helpful to me audience, I find a way to share it.

Repost for Instagram has been very effective in helping me do this.

This is a free app that helps you share other creator’s content while giving due recognition to them.

I have learned that reposting or sharing other people’s contents is necessary in building a community because it is a sign of support.

12. Screen recorder

Another helpful tool for creators is the screen recorder.

I use this tool to share tutorials and other things on my phone.

For example, I might be record my screen phone to share a tutorial of how to use Canva app or just showcase my apps on the feed.

If there is anything you need to record, screen recorder is good.

Some phones have screen recorder in them and for other phones, you might need to download it.

13. Google drive

This is probably as important as any other app on my phone.

I use google drive majorly to share large files with others but there is more anyone can do on google drive.

It’s a great app to share and record information.

Yes, so these are the thirteen apps I use to create content for Instagram. I’m sure you enjoyed going through them, if you did, click here to follow me on Instagram.

Here are some tips to help you create more content for Instagram and also grow

  • Pick a niche

Starting with a niche is important. You need to pick a niche before creating content.

  • Write a bio that’s captivating

Usually, when people visit your bio they are most likely to read your bio first.

So, you need to make it really captivating.

I shared some wonderful tips for crafting a great bio in this post. Read here.

Or download the guide below.

  • Use hashtags

If you want to reach more people quickly, hashtags are good. Use as much as thirty hashtags on your posts.

And make sure they are relevant to your posts and account.

  • Interact with your followers

Remember what I said about hashtags? If you want to reach people quickly, use hashtags.

But if you want to keep them and build a loyal following or community, then you need to interact with them.

Respond to their comments, ask them questions, support them, collaborate with them and so on.

  • Keep creating

Consistency is really important, you cannot skip a whole month or two if you want to grow on Instagram.

That’s why scheduling tools are important. They keep your posts going when you need time to yourself.

Keep creating content for your audience. You are worthy of being a creator.

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As a creator and blogger living with a chronic illness, I seek every means to make my job easier.

These are the apps that have served me as a content creator on Instagram and as a blogger.

I don’t know if you have any of these apps and I do not know your experience with them but as for me, they have really been helpful.

From helping get my ideas down to planning and creating the content and then scheduling to content, all of them have really helped.

All of the apps here are free but some have paid features that would even further ease your work.

Like I said, I don’t know your experience with them but I am eager to hear it.

Have you used or are you using any of the tools here? What’s it like?

Let me know in the comment.

Also, I really appreciate your shares. It helps others learn and help this blog grow so it’s a win-win for everyone.


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