Are you finding it hard to find a profitable niche on Instagram? Or you are like me who have too many interests and find it hard to settle for one niche?

If this is you, then you’re reading the right post.

Finding a perfect and profitable niche can be frustrating especially when you have too many interests.

When I started on Instagram, I was confused because I did not know what to post. Instagram experts told me to start with a topic but I couldn’t settle with one. I get bored easily when it’s the same thing every day.

I remembered starting with writing poems and stories, then I got bored and switched to fashion, got bored again and kept switching until now.

Note: There is nothing wrong in changing your contents whenever you feel like it to whatever you feel is right, after all it is your page so you are in control.

How did I find a perfect niche for me?

I think it all began from the moment I understood what a niche is.

What is a niche and how do you find a niche?

A niche is the smallest viable audience that you want to attract with your content.

Your niche is not a topic and it is a market. It can be a range of topics that a particular audience is interested in.

Think of who you want to attract

For instance, your niche can be fashion for people living with sickle cell or lifestyle for chronic illness warrior.

The most important thing is that there is an audience, a small audience that needs what you have to offer.

New to Instagram? Here's how to find a niche

Here’s how to find a niche on Instagram

Let me first let you know that there is no perfect niche. Every niche has its own audience and can be monetized.

Although some niches are more profitable than others. I’ll share with you some of the most profitable niches later in this post.

Now, here’s how to find a niche on Instagram.

1. List out all of your interests

This is very important especially when you are feeling overwhelmed with your multiple interests.

It was a struggle getting clear about my niche and it was worse to know that I have to settle for one.

I started getting clear on my niche when I wrote out everything I was interested in.

Get a sheet of paper and write out all your interest. It does not matter whether you can do it or not, just write it out as long as it is something you are interested in doing.

2. Take note of what you are willing to share

Now it is time to start picking.

Some of the interests you’ve written earlier might not be want you want to share on your feed and that’s fine.

For instance, when I wrote my list, I had reading, food, fashion, travel, acting, blogging, fitness and so on but I am not willing to share some like acting and food at least not now.

So, make another list of the things you are willing to share.

This will help you cut reduce the number of interests on the paper if you are overwhelmed by it.

3. Decide what you will not share

Of course you cannot share everything about you. It is practically impossible.

But you can also make what not to share a conscious decision.

Take a look at your list, cross out what you are not willing to share with the world. This leaves you what you willing to share.

4. Consider what people ask you

You can find a niche by focusing on the questions you get asked most times.

Think of the questions you get from friends, or in your dm. What are those questions? Have you been getting questions from one particular area?

You can focus on these question and carve out a niche for yourself.

So, when next someone asks you a question, be mindful of what you are asked and how you answer.

Yes, how you respond is also important. Were you eager to answer and even if you do not know answer were you curious to know?

All of these are signs that can help you find a niche.

5. Niche down by choosing your audience

So now you have your list of interest that you want to share.

But you need people to see it, right?

This is why it is important to niche down and choose an audience.

Your audience are the people who would find your content helpful and turn into a community.

When finding an audience, ask yourself these questions

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do they call themselves?
  • What’s their greatest challenge?
  • How can you help them with your content?

Answering these questions will help you understand how to serve them better. 

Even though you are creating contents you love, you are as well suppose to serve an audience.

Now that you know how to find a niche, let’s see some of most profitable niches on Instagram.

5 most profitable niches on Instagram 


The health niche is really profitable one. Everyone wants to learn how to stay healthy, increase their lifespan and live a well-rounded life. There are different sub-niches under the health niche.

One of the is talking about a specific illness. For example, sickle cell.


Here’s another super profitable niche. The fitness niche is not just profitable, it is also a very wide niche and has room for everyone.

In the fitness niche, there is weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain and so much more.


According to a data by Statista, 96% of beauty brands have been able to establish a strong Instagram presence. Beauty influencers are sought after all over the world.

In the beauty niche, you can post product reviews, tutorials and so much more.


The lifestyle niche is one of the best. There are no restrictions in the niche.

Every content is based on the creator’s life. There are so many monetization opportunities for a lifestyle brand.

Also, as someone in the lifestyle niche, you can explore other niches.


The fashion niche is filled with

When choosing any of these niches, it is important to narrow them down. Pick a particular audience you want to target and speak to them. All the niches above are very wide and you need to be specific on Instagram.

So, narrow down as much as possible.

How to find a niche

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When trying to find a niche on Instagram, it is important to remember that there is no perfect niche. Instagram is a very diverse platform with diverse audience and each audience has their own uniqueness.

I’m sure following the steps in this post will help you get clear on your niche. Start putting things out, the more you put out, the more you understand your niche and its audience.

You cannot find a ‘perfect’ niche without action.

So, go on and start creating content.

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