Did you know that there is a word for fear of starting something new? Honestly, I didn’t plan to start this post with a question but while I was making research, I learned a new word.


Neophobia is the fear of starting something new. You probably didn’t know that before now.

Here is what this fear looks like to me

  • Thinking and thinking and thinking even more until I find reasons not to do it.

You know what they say about overthinking, when you overthink stuff, you begin to find reasons not to do it. That’s me. I catch myself overthinking when I want to start something new.

  • Planning without actually taking action.

I get excited about new things so after thinking, I get a paper to make a plan and then no action. It’s either I’m giving excuses or get unmotivated.

  • Getting scared every time I want to make a move.

I have also caught myself ready to make a move whether that is talking to someone new or starting something new, then I get scared. My heart starts racing than usual and most times, I end up not doing that thing.

These feelings might not be the same for you, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it looks like, I hope the tips below will help you as much as it has helped me.

Tips to help you deal with the fear of starting something new

1. Keep the end goal in mind

Keeping the end goal in mind will get you excited. It is better to have a picture of what the end goal looks like, something like a vision board, that way your mind has something to create for you.

The more that picture lingers in your mind, the more likely you are to take action.

2. Be aware of yourself and your thoughts

When I said I catch myself overthinking starting something new, it is because I am aware of my thoughts.

Self-awareness is very important. Your thoughts are important too and you need to filter what you think every time. Do you think you can do it or you think otherwise?

3. Ask yourself what’s there to lose most times you’d realize that you have nothing to lose

Sometimes, we are scared because we think we have too much to lose. We don’t want to lose what we have. However, one thing I realized is that we usually have more to gain than lose.

It is better to delay short-term gratification and gain satisfaction.

Whenever you feel scared to start something or even move forward in any area of life, take 15 minutes to be alone and ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you have to lose?
  • What do you stand to gain?

I’m sure your gains would outweigh the loss. That should be enough motivation to take action if you ask me.

4. Take it little by little

Sometimes the fear of starting something new can happen because you are scared of the magnitude of the goal. It might be scary because they appear too big at the beginning. You have to understand this and attack the situation little by little.

I usually try to break things down and focus on them little by little. For instance, instead of thinking of becoming a big successful blogger in a year, I focus on blogging properly for three months and see how it goes.

Take things bit by bit, year by year, or even day by day to see how you cope.

5. Gain expertise if needed

Sometimes, you might get scared because you think you do not have enough skill to go ahead. That’s fine. What is not fine is allowing that lack of skill to stop you.

Instead of feeling scared because you don’t know if people would listen to you and you doubt your ability, go out and gain more expertise.

Learn what you can and start implementing what you’ve learned and gradually, you would realize things aren’t as hard.

6. Prepare your mind for failure

Maybe you are scared of starting because you don’t know what the future holds. You don’t know whether you would succeed or not.

Understand that failure is an option. That is one way important way to deal with the fear of starting something.

Think of failure as part of the journey not the end of the journey. Actually, it is part of the journey so embrace it. Your mantra should be failing is an option, quitting is not.

7. Check-in with your mindset

Mindset is everything. Your success begins with your mindset.

When starting something new, you need to develop a growth mindset. When you have a growth mindset, you will understand that you are allowed to take it slow, you are allowed to learn and make mistakes.

It is important to keep checking in with your mindset. Are you feeling positive about this new thing or not?

8. Be patient

Things take time. You need to be patient with yourself especially if you are starting something you have never done before.

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Fear is something we all deal with at different points in our lives and we have to always face our fears. These tips have helped me over time. I hope it helps you too.

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