Instagram hashtags are one of the numerous ways to grow your Instagram account, but do you know how to use them?

Do you know the maximum number of Instagram hashtags to use in a post?

Are you aware of the banned Instagram hashtags you should avoid?

Using hashtags on every post is a must especially for small Instagram accounts that want to grow quickly. 

In this post, I’ll explain how to use hashtags correctly to increase your account visibility.

What are Instagram hashtags? 

An Instagram hashtag is a combination of letters or numbers preceded by the symbol #. 

Usually, hashtags are used to categorize content but it is also used as a visibility tool for your Instagram account. So, if you want to grow your account, hashtags are a good way to grow but it’s not the only way to grow your Instagram account. 

However, hashtags will only work if used correctly. I have seen people using hashtags the wrong way so let’s discuss how to use hashtags correctly on Instagram in 2021.

How to use Instagram hashtag correctly

1. Type the symbol # first

The right way to use a hashtag is by making sure that the symbol # comes before the letters or numbers and not after. Example #right not right# or #right#

Instagram hashtag 2021 guide. How to use hashtags

2. Avoid using space

When you want to hashtag a long sentence, avoid using space.

Example instead of #be yourself remove the space #beyourself

3. Use space after a complete hashtag 

A common mistake you might be making is writing your hashtags together. You need to space every completed word or sentence.

Example #beyourself #complete not #beyourself#complete 

How do Instagram hashtags works in 2021

The logic to Instagram hashtags is simple whether in 2021 or future years. When you understand how it works, it will be easy for you to hack hashtags. You would also not worry when your hashtags are not working. 

Let’s get into it. 

The effectiveness of hashtags on your account begins with your content. Your content puts you ahead in many ways.

It is important to make sure that your content resonates with your audience.

When you post on Instagram, the algorithm shows your post to your audience that is online and active on your account.

The more interaction the post gets in few minutes after posting, the more the algorithm sees it as a valuable post and shows it to more people. This is why it is important to post when your audience is likely to be online.

Once the algorithm sees your post as valuable, your hashtags begin to work but it still depends on how you use the hashtags and what hashtag you used.

Rules of instagram hashtags 2021

Rules of Instagram hashtags you should know

1. Use at least 15-30 hashtags

There’s been a lot of questions on the number of hashtags to use on a post and a lot of experts have given their views but one thing is common among all the answers.  

The first thing you should know is that Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags on a post and there is no penalty for using all 30 or just 1, or nothing. 

However, it is best to use all 30 hashtags in one post.

If you still feel like using 30 hashtags is a lot, then use at least 15 hashtags.

2. Make sure your hashtags are relevant 

Your hashtag must be relevant to two things; your content and your account.

Don’t just use any hashtag that comes to your mind.

That is why you need hashtag research. Hashtag research helps you discover hashtags perfect for your account or niche and the particular post.

It can also help you discover what hashtag your competitors are using and ranking high for.

If you want to learn more about hashtags and hashtag strategy, watch this YouTube video. 

Always keep in mind that your hashtags have to be relevant. For example, if you are a food blogger, use only hashtags related to food blogging. Otherwise, you would attract an audience that would not engage with your content and that will hurt your account. 

Use hashtags relevant to your audience, what you do (your niche), what the post is about, and your location.

3. Use a mix of hashtag sets

There are three main levels of competition to keep in mind when using hashtags on Instagram. 

  • High competition hashtags

The high competition hashtags have posts between 100M – 1M posts. They are usually hard to rank high for and will not give you visibility for long.

They help your account’s visibility for a very short period. This is because too many people use them so your post will get lost in seconds.

It is important to avoid using too many hashtags in this set especially if you are a small account.

Examples #motivation and #motivationalpost

  • Medium competition hashtags

Hashtags with posts between 900k – 100k are medium and they are more beneficial to your Instagram account. Hence, use more of them. But remember to make it relevant to your account and post.

This set of hashtags is good if your contents already get engagement from your audience.

  • Low competition hashtags

Hashtags with posts below 100k are low competition hashtags and they are the easiest to rank for especially if you are a small Instagram account with little reach.

Using this set of hashtags makes your content easier to be seen whenever someone uses that same hashtag.

However, it is important to avoid hashtags lower than 5k because they might not be active. Perhaps many people do not use it hence it won’t be good for Instagram account visibility.

how to use Instagram hashtags in 2021

Frequently asked question about Instagram hashtags in 2021

  • What hashtags should I use?

You would decide the type of hashtag to use. However, here is something to keep in mind when researching Instagram hashtags.

Use ten hashtags relevant to your niche, ten relevant to your audience, five relevant to your post, three relevant to your location, and two should be your brand’s hashtag.

  • Where do I put my hashtags, caption, or comment?

It doesn’t matter. You can put it anywhere. There has been no research that says which is better, you can get visibility whether you put in comment or caption.

  • Does hashtag still work in 2021?

Yes, they do. Although there are other ways to grow your account if hashtags don’t work for you (keep reading to learn more about why the hashtag isn’t working for you).

  • Are there banned hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram banned some hashtags due to Instagram policy violations. These hashtags are to be totally avoided.

Can I add hashtags after posting?

Yes, but make sure it is few seconds after making that post. This is because the algorithm works better on a new post and after about thirty minutes of making the new post, the hashtag begins to work. 

Why your Instagram hashtags aren’t working

There are different reasons your hashtag might not work but I want to tell you about this one. After doing everything right and you still do not gain visibility from hashtags, then this might be the problem.

Your niche.

Some niches are so narrow that not too many people from that niche use Instagram or they use it for something else.

In this case, do not worry, just make sure your content is valuable to that audience and look for other ways to grow on Instagram.

Remember, hashtags are not the only growth hack for your Instagram account.

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When working on hashtags, remember that the only way to grow with hashtags is if you have great content. 

Your content is the first thing that attracts your potential audience so work on your content first. 

Love what you just read? Please share and comment. if you have any other questions, let me know. I will definitely reply or better still make a part two of this post. 

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