To become a highly paid freelancer is a dream for many including me. As a freelance social media manager and writer, I will be sharing my freelance journey with you on this blog.

I have titled this Fresh Freelance Friday series (Please I need you to let me know what you think about the name. Should we keep it?)

Every Friday for the next few years, I will publish posts that will help you build a profitable freelancing career. I’m not saying I have built a profitable career myself but the knowledge I have, I am ready to share.

I have titled this Friday series, the Fresh Freelance Friday.

Today, I will be sharing how you can start a freelancing business and become a highly paid freelancer.


Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is someone that is self-employed and earns money by providing services to multiple clients. A freelancer runs their own business.

If you’re like me who live with a chronic illness, freelancing might be right for you, here’s why

  • Freelancing allows you to work from anywhere.

As a freelancer, you can choose who you work with. If you feel someone will give you problems you have the choice not to work with them.

  • You have ability to set your own work times

Yes, you can work whenever you like. Although, just like every other business owner, if your business won’t move if you don’t work.

Your advantage as a freelancer is that you can work when you are fit enough.

I have been into freelance writing for over two years and recently started freelance social media management. It is important for me to tell you from experience that freelancing isn’t as easy as people portray it.

You will question your worth a lot in the first year but don’t quit.

Also, if you have a full-time job and you are considering freelancing, don’t quit your job yet. Keep your job and work as a freelancer part-time until your freelance business makes you enough to survive if you quit your job.

  • Freelancing helps you make money from home

Whether you want to be a stay-at-home mom or you want something that does not require physical stress or you just wish to make money from home then freelancing is right for you. Try to build a career and you will be good.

Become a highly paid freelancer

Now, let’s get to it proper.

How to start a freelance business and become a highly paid freelancer

1. Examine your strength

The first step to start a freelancing career is to ask yourself “what are the things you can offer as a service?”

Whatever your answer is is your strength. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to know how to do it.

It’s okay if you don’t have any experience, just write down things you can do or better still, write out your interests.

2. Look for high demand skills

High-demand skills are profitable and marketable. You might have listed out some of your strengths earlier, the next question is “are they profitable?”

The goal is to build a profitable freelance business so this question is important.

If none of the strengths you listed are profitable or in high demand, then you need to look for one. Here are some high demand skills in 2021 (Check out: 10 ways chronic illness warriors can make money online)

  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content writing
  • Blogging
  • Graphics design

Picking one of these skills is a good place to start your freelancing career.

3. Upgrade your skill/education

Just because you are good at doing something, doesn’t mean you should not keep learning and upgrading that skill.

People who have built a highly profitable freelancing business still strive every day to learn something new. There is no end to learning.

While freelancing is not taught in school, there are online courses that you can take that will improve your skill. Some of these skills are free and others are paid.

However, it is important to invest in something paid. Also, learn from someone that knows what they are talking about and has been where you are.

4. Choose an industry/niche down

If you want to charge really high, you need to be seen as a leader in an industry.

To be seen as a leader, you need to position yourself as one by picking an industry to focus on or better still pick a niche to focus on.

When you focus on one niche, you are not only able to attract high-paying clients but also able to deliver services that your clients will be satisfied with because you know almost everything about that niche.

5. Start building your portfolio

Your portfolio is more like your online business card but more detailed.

It introduces who you are, the services you render, your experience, and past works. It tells the client how exactly you can help them and why they should hire you.

So portfolios are really important when trying to become a highly paid freelancer.

As a beginner, you might not have experience yet you need a portfolio.

Here’s how you can gain quick experience

  • Work for free for a period of time

It doesn’t have to be a long time. You can do free jobs for just three months so that you can gain experience.

Look for friends or family members who need your services and offer them your services in exchange for experience and maybe review.

  • Become a volunteer

Volunteering is another way you can gain experience. You can offer your services as a volunteer to organizations or religious groups.

  • Apply for internship

The last is applying for an internship. Although in some industries, finding an internship opportunity might not be easy but if you don’t stop looking, you’ll find one.

As an intern, you need to be aware of the job you’re given to handle. Make sure the job is related to the service you want to offer.

6. Pick a freelance platform

I don’t use any freelance platform so this tip is optional but starting with a platform isn’t a bad thing.

There are different freelancing platforms that you can start with

Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are some of the top freelancing platforms around. Upwork is the most reliable and best freelancing platform I know. Although it’s difficult to get approved by Upwork once you’re approved, you stand a huge chance of earning a lot.

7. Market yourself

This is very important whether you use a freelancing platform or not.

If you don’t tell people about what you do, they’ll never know you. Also, you need to constantly remind them and that’s where marketing comes in.

Having an online presence will also increase your chances of getting seen so you might need to start a website or a blog like this. Building a personal brand is another great way to market yourself online. (Check out: How to build a personal brand on Instagram)

Here’s a portfolio website review YouTube video by Latasha James. She reviews what your portfolio website might look like. Although the video is focused on freelance social media managers it can help any freelancer who wants to start a portfolio website.

8. Set your price

As a freelancer, you need to understand how to set your price. This is an art I’m still learning myself.

Something I’ve learned from experience is that you should never set your price based on your bank account.

Your client does not see your bank statement. They do not know whether you’re broke or rich so don’t set prices based on your bank account.

Set it based on your service, experience, or time. Also, look at other people rendering the same service and look at how they set their price.

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How to become a highly paid freelancer

Conclusion on how to become a highly paid freelancer

Becoming a highly paid freelancer is possible even when you don’t have any experience. Although experience is key to become a highly paid freelancer.

This is not to scare you away, it is just the truth. Freelancing isn’t as easy as people portray it.

Being a freelancer requires a lot of patience and learning so you need to keep learning while you continue to put your best.

I think one of the most important things you need to keep doing in order to become a highly paid freelancer is upgrading your skills.

I hope this post moves you closer to your goal of becoming a highly paid freelancer. Let me know if you would like to see more fresh freelance Friday and what you think about the name.

Also please share with someone.

Guide to becoming a highly paid freelancer

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