I think one of my biggest dreams is to become a published author with a book that’s turned into a movie.

I’ve taken time to set goals around this dream and I know it is possible no matter how long it takes.

The beginning of my fiction writing career

I remembered when I was much younger, about fourteen years old or so, I use to write stories in a book.

Different stories that never ended.

It was in a huge book that was meant to be a diary but I turned it into a book I wrote short stories (well, I never knew what they were called then).

Different short story ideas would pop and I would write until nothing is in my head again.

When I grew older, and after being exposed to the likes of Chimamanda Adichie, Jeffrey Archer, and Sidney Sheldon (oh, I love Sidney Sheldon’s stories, I think I have a thing for crime fiction stories), I realized creative writing was a thing and I could do it.

So, as the curious kind of person, I used every resource available to me to educate myself on fiction writing.

No, it wasn’t a masterclass or a writing workshop.

I started with reading blog articles from different established writers. I remembered reading Jeff Goins’ articles.

Also watched YouTube on starting a short story and how to develop a short story idea. It was fun learning all of these things (it actually is still fun).

Through blogs and YouTube channels, I discovered some fiction writing books like Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne Lamott Bird by Bird.

If you want to become a better fiction writer, I recommend Stephen King’s On Writing.

I read every book I could lay my hands on (more like download online).

I improved in my writing skills

I started writing better than I use to when I was fourteen. Basically, growth happened and I became a better fiction writer.

In fact, I remember writing a short story for a sickle cell writing contest and winning.

It wasn’t the best of stories, but it won (not me downplaying my achievement).

I kept on writing and one day about four years ago, a short story idea struck me like thunder.

The short story idea isn’t the problem

Getting story ideas has never been the problem. Although this one was really good.

It was a story related to crime and I knew I wanted to tell that story.

As I wrote every day for some months, I noticed something.

I noticed story beginning comes easily to me. In fact, I might have ideas for some of the conflicts but I never really seem to be able to add them up.

It was always difficult to finish a story.

If I do not find scenes to fill up the middle, then another story idea will pop into my head.

Short story idea that I've been working on
Photo credit: Outstandingscreeplays.com

I guess I’m not the only one now. Thanks to @outstanding.screenplays on Instagram for always making me feel sane when writing gets tough.

Anyways, at a point, I stopped writing and stopped reading fiction books because whenever I read them, I feel like writing.

I stay away from writing fiction until another idea popped into my head months after I finished reading Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give (oh, I love Angie’s style of storytelling and I love this book so much).

Another short story idea

For the past four years, I have had over ten short story ideas of which I have abandoned later.

It’s funny to me because each time I have an idea, I always feel like, this is it. Actually, with this one, I feel like this is really it.

As in, the book I will finish is here.

Here’s the story idea that popped

The story is based on someone living with a chronic illness.

He witnesses another person (preferably a friend) with the same illness die due to negligence of the health care.

The hospital denies and cooks up a different story to the public.

Our protagonist decides to act because he knows his friend deserves better and the hospital should take responsibility.

They organized a peaceful protest to show how unhappy they are until something went wrong with the protest.

Something awful.

That’s all I can share because my brain hasn’t delivered anything more than this.

Writing this story has been difficult.

I think it is a must for us to tell this type of story because people living with sickle cell die because of the lack of proper medical attention.

It would go a long way to create awareness and tell our own stories.

I don’t know how long this story will take, I might even not be able to complete it. I might get soaked up in other areas of life that I want to explore.

However, it would be nice to see it written ad that’s why I’m sharing it.

I promise to keep trying to put the story together.

At this point, it’s not even about writing the short story but dealing with the voices in my head telling me it’s not perfect enough.

How do I deal with the voices so that I can keep writing knowing that my first book doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be written.

Are you a writer? How do you complete a story without the voices holding you back?

Also, feel free to recommend some crime fiction stories to me. I would really appreciate that.

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