Some of the highest-paying freelance jobs are highlighted in this post.

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or a job you can do from home, freelancing might be right for you.

The freelancing industry is one of the fastest-growing careers of 2021. In fact, according to Upwork (one of the most popular freelance platforms) 54 million Americans registered on the platform in 2017.

The number has drastically increased from then till today.

As a freelancer, I understand that some freelance jobs are more lucrative than others. Although some other factors can affect how much you earn as a freelancer.

For instance, your skills, experience, and mindset will make a huge impact on your earnings as a freelancer.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the top-paying freelance jobs that you can do.

Ten high paying freelance jobs that can make you financially free

There are freelance jobs and there are high-paying freelance jobs. The list below is in no particular order but every job here is capable of making anyone financially free.

As promised, here are ten high-paying freelance jobs but this list is in no particular order.

1. Copywriter

Copywriting is a very lucrative freelance job. As a freelance copywriter, you are needed in every industry.

Every business needs a copywriter, but you cannot cater to every business or brand so you need to have a niche when starting as a freelance copywriter.

The goal of every business is to make a profit. To do that, they need to market their products or services.

For effective marketing to take place, that is, marketing that converts and brings return based on the goals set, you need someone to write a copy.

As a freelance copywriter, businesses or brands need you to write copy that will convert and bring results based on the business goal.

Copywriting has a lot to do with marketing. Therefore, having a little marketing skill and knowledge will take you far and let you charge more as a freelance copywriter.

Your earnings as a freelance copywriter are endless. Some copywriters make seven figures every month and one of them that I love and follow is DanLok.

If you are a beginner, don’t expect to make seven figures in a year. It is kind of an unrealistic goal. DanLok teaches new and older copywriters how they can build a successful business writing copy on his YouTube channel and blog.

2. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a form of writing that allows you to write but give off all the rights of the article or blog post, or whatever you write.

As a freelance ghostwriter, you can work with anyone you like. Your clients can range from public figures to new business owners.

So, whether it is a book or a web article, you can contribute to it and get paid.

Having vast knowledge about an industry is an important skill for ghostwriters.

3. Programmer

I envy programmers a lot because there are huge opportunities for programmers. Although programmers work for longer periods and require a lot of concentration the earnings can cover the work.

Your job as a programmer may require you to code and write special computer languages.

Freelance programmers earn as high as $60,000 per year. Although as a beginner you might not earn as much but with time, you will be able to become financially free.

As a freelance programmer, you need to focus on an aspect of programming. It could be writing code for websites and developing websites or developing mobile applications for businesses and brands.

This means that as a programmer, you can double as a freelance web designer.

Web designing is another fast-growing and high-paying freelance job. With over 1.7 billion websites in the world, there is a need for website designers.

4. Content marketer

Content marketing is the art of using content to influence, educate, or entertain an audience. Every business is turning online today for an increase in sales and community building.

To succeed and achieve their business goals, there is a need to use the content their audience relates with.

Content is king on the internet.

But not every business understands the use of content and that is why they need a content marketer.

As a freelance content marketer, your goal is to use content as a tool to help your client achieve their business goals. There are some things you need to know as a freelance content marketer

  • Know your niche

Having a niche is important as a content marketer. You cannot serve every brand or business in the world so pick an industry you feel comfortable creating content in.

  • The type of content that works

When you have a niche, you will understand the type of content that works well in that niche. There are different types of content that you can use to influence the audience, some of them are, long-form videos, short-form videos, pictures, infographics, and so on.

The one way to decide which is best is by testing these different content and analyzing what works and how the audience responds to it.

  • Have knowledge of digital marketing

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing. Hence, knowledge in digital marketing as a whole is an advantage as a freelancer. Also, content is a huge part of social media marketing so knowing how social media works will help you serve your clients better.

Other platforms that require content include YouTube, Podcasts, and Blogs.

5. Content writer

Just like a content marketer, a content writer uses content to persuade, influence, and inform their audience. The difference here is that a content writer only deals with writing.

As a content writer, you use words to evoke emotions whether that is through blog posts, articles, or social media captions.

A freelance content writer can earn as much as $100 per blog post or article depending on things like experience and service rendered.

However, if you want to earn as much as a content writer, here are some things you need to do

  • Find a niche

What topics do you want to write about? You can’t about all the topics, hence, you need to know what topic you are comfortable writing about.

This step is important because writing requires you to be interested in what you are writing. If you are not, then it would show in your article or blog post.

  • Have knowledge of SEO

As a content writer, you might find that writing articles and blog posts earn more than any other aspect. Hence there is a need for you to have an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO).

Your client would expect you to have this skill because it is important for them so that their posts can rank high on search engines like Google.

  • Be open to learning

You have to be open to learning. Every time you need, you would need to make research on every topic. So, learn as much as you can and keep learning.

  • Always stay up to date

Writers do not stay outdated, you need to be up to date with industry news and also new trends.

6. Social media management

The social media management career is fast becoming a popular one and it is growing fast. As a social media manager, you are expected to help businesses and brands grow their social media presence.

Also, help them reach their business goals using social media.

Becoming a highly paid social media manager freelancer requires a lot of learning and growing so you need to be open-minded and be patient if you are going for this career.

As a social media manager, you can between $50 to $2000 per month depending on

  • Your experience

How long have you been a social media manager? If you are a beginner, then you won’t be able to charge as much as $100 because you are just getting in and learning.

But with time, you can increase your price as you spend more years horning your craft.

  • The services you offer

Yes, there are services you offer even as a social media manager. A good social media manager should have packages and these packages should contain the services you offer.

Some of the services you can offer include

  • Content creation
  • Instagram page audit
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Community building and so on

Some of the services might fetch you more than others. For example, doing an Instagram audit isn’t as expensive as doing Facebook or Instagram ads.

  • Your niche

As a social media manager, you need a niche to focus on. You cannot serve everyone or every business. Pick a niche that you are comfortable in so that you can perform excellently well.

Although some niches are not as lucrative as some, that is fine, you can add more services to gain lots of money.

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7. Graphics designer

The world of graphics is a never-ending world because will always need artworks and designs for their business and brand.

This means that your earning potential in this industry is huge.

Whether you are good with Corel Draw or Photoshop or any other designing software, you can get yourself booking high-paying clients.

You can do that by,

  • Knowing who you want to work with

You cannot work with everybody. That’s one of the joys of freelancing, you can choose who you want to work it. This is important because some clients are out there to frustrate you.

  • Always upgrading your skill

I have said it before and I will say it again, you cannot be a freelancer if you are ready to learn.

Learning is part of our job and to reach a point where you will be financially free, you need to always upgrade your skill and do the things that scare you in the beginning.

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is generally a work-from-home job. As a virtual assistant, you provide technical assistance to your clients from home.

Your clients are more likely to be in the corporate world as a virtual assistant so you would be needing some of the following skills,

  • Communication skills

You need to be able to communicate your ideas clearly to your clients. If you are going to be working for a corporate body, you need to act like one. Communication skill is a must.

  • Planning and organizing

There is a lot of planning and organizing that needs to be done if you are a virtual assistant. You might need to plan documents and prepare weekly or monthly plans whether on a calendar or spreadsheet.

  • Microsoft office

You need to understand how to use Microsoft office. In addition, you need to know how to use apps like google docs and google sheets because you might need to prepare.

9. Proofreader and editor

Whether it is for a book or an article, writers need people to proofread and also edit their work. If you have the skills required to proofread or edit an article, you can earn from it by offering this service.

Some of the skills you might need as a proofreader or editor includes,

  • Meticulousness

You have to be calm and meticulous when dealing with a client’s work. Your job is to correct the mistakes and not make further mistakes so make sure you are calm.

  • Time conscious

Usually when your client will give you a deadline when they give you a job so you need to stick to that time frame.

10. Photographer

The photography industry is a huge one, and anyone with good photography skills can make a living, actually can be financially free.

Being a freelance photographer allows you to work with your dream clients.

Also as a freelance photographer, you can combine your photography skills with other things you love. You could be a photographer and spend time traveling.

It is easy as a freelance photographer to add other services to what you do.

Now, let’s face another common question that you might ask yourself, where do I get these jobs?

Ten high paying freelance jobs in 2021

Where to find high paying freelance jobs

1. Use freelance platforms

There are online freelance platforms that allow freelancers to connect with their clients and get paid effortlessly. With these platforms, you don’t need to worry about getting scammed or not duly paid because the platforms are responsible for your payment.

Here are some of the platforms available,

  • Upwork

This is not some advert for Upwork but I think Upwork is the best freelance platform. It is free to sign up although it requires approval.

Getting approved on Upwork might be a bit difficult if you are a beginner and this is because Upwork is trying to verify the authenticity and reduce mediocrity.

The good news is, there are steps to getting approved on Upwork and once you are approved, you are on your way to financial freedom.

Oh, lest I forget.

Another thing that could make your approval rejected or delayed is your niche. A very popular niche like writing or graphics designing will require more time to be approved.

  • Fiverr and Freelancer are some other freelance platforms available.

2. Send cold emails

If you decide not to use any of the freelance platforms then you can seek out clients by yourself. Look for people you would like to work with and send them an email.

In your email, make sure to show that you have been following them for a while (even if that’s not true) and tell them what you can do for them.

Don’t start by telling them what you want. Put their interest and gains first.

3. Use social media

I started my social media management career on social media. Instagram precisely. So, it is possible to use social media to connect to your clients.

If you want to do this, then you need to

  • Know your clients.

Who are you going to serve? and what will you do for them? That is your service.

  • The type of content

The moment your client lands on your page whether, on Instagram or YouTube, or any platform, they need to know that you are speaking to them.

You can do this through the type of content you post.

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4. Have a portfolio website

Here’s an example of a portfolio website. I created this with a free website called journo portfolio.

However, that is a free portfolio website that is easy to create. You might want a more professional one that has your name. Go for it.

Also, having a blog will increase your chances of getting seen.

A blog is a very effective tool that will keep you in the freelancing game for a long time.


There you have it, ten high-paying freelance jobs that can make you financially free.

Although there are more jobs high-paying freelance jobs that are not on this list, the freelance jobs here can change your financial status but you need to work hard.

Nothing beats hard work, dedication, and consistency.

It is very important to be consistent. If you are just starting, make sure you have a bigger goal than making money because freelancing is not as easy as people paint it.

Your WHY will keep you going even when things get tough.

Drop your thoughts and questions in the comment below. Share it with someone.

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Ten freelance jobs that pays well

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