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Newest features on Instagram and how to use them in 2022

Have you noticed that there are some new features on Instagram in 2022?

Instagram is always looking for ways to make you and I spend more time on the app and that is why they release new features regularly.

This year alone, Instagram has released over ten new features and if you are a creator or business owner, you need to know about these features.

Luckily for you, you are reading the post because, in this post, I will share these new Instagram features and also how to use them.

Let’s begin.

Newest Instagram features in 2022 and how to use them

1. Instagram pin post

This is one of my favorite Instagram features in 2022. You can now pin up to three posts to the top of your Instagram grid with this feature.

Very interesting, right?

You might be thinking that what does this mean to you?

As an Instagram creator or business owner, you can use this feature to show your best posts and what you do. This means that when people visit your profile, the first three posts they see will be your best posts.

You stand a higher chance of being followed and building your followers with this feature.

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How to use the Instagram pin post feature

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to your profile and tap on the post that you want to pin
  • Tap on the three dots
  • Select pin to your profile from the options

Yes, it is that simple. The post(s) will appear with a pin symbol at the top of your Instagram post grid.

Instagram features in 2022 Pin post

Here’s a quick tip when using this feature

Only pin posts that project your best work or product. It is also helpful to pin a post with a strong call to action i.e a post that makes people want to take action and maybe buy your product or sign up for something.

Here’s a pro tip, only pin at most two posts. The Instagram algorithm favors new content so you want to leave space for one or two new content at the top of your feed.

2. 90 seconds Instagram reel

Apart from the new Instagram reel look, the duration of a reel has now been extended from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. So, you are no longer limited to 60 seconds of video on reels.

Honestly, I do not think this is a necessary feature but it’s welcomed.

How to use the 90 seconds Instagram reel feature

  • Open Instagram
  • Click on the plus ‘+’ sign to add a new post
  • Select Reel from the options
  • On the left side of your screen, select the time symbol
  • Select 90
  • Record your reel and publish

3. 60 seconds Instagram stories

This is a new Instagram feature that you might not be aware of. Just like the Instagram reel, the duration of Instagram stories also increased.

If you have ever been in situations where you are recording a video on your Instagram story and the video stops even when you are not done recording, that is over now.

Instagram stories used to be 15 seconds but now it is 60 seconds. So, you can record a video for 60 seconds without being interrupted or stopped.

How to use 60 seconds Instagram stories

  • Open Instagram
  • Click on the plus ‘+’ sign to add a new Instagram story
  • Select Story from the options
  • Tap on the Camera to start recording
  • Record your video and share

Quick tip

If you want to effectively pass your information in 60 seconds, prepare what you want to talk about and how you want to talk about it ahead.

4. Reply to comments using reels

Am I the only one that thinks Instagram is seriously copying TikTok? From the grid post pinning to replying to comments using reels sounds like TikTok to me.

Anyways, let’s go on with this new Instagram feature.

Do you know that reels are one of the fastest ways to get more reach and gain more followers on Instagram? If you don’t know, now you know.

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You can now reply to comments on your posts using reels. Record your reels, giving your audience more insight into the post while answering their question. The reply reel will have a sticker with the comment on the screen.

This feature also makes it easy for you to create content. All you have to do is turn on your camera and reply to their comments.

How to reply to comments using reels

Before letting you know how to reply to comments using reels, I should tell you that you can only use this feature on your reel posts. So, only comments on your reel posts can be replied to using a reel.

  • Go to the reel post that has the comment you want to reply to
  • Tap on the comment
  • Tap reply
  • Instead of typing a reply, tap on the camera icon on the left
  • Record your reel and share


5. Suggested feed post

There are quite a few changes to the Instagram feed and how you see posts on your feed. This new feature on Instagram shows you posts based on your recent activities on Instagram.

The algorithm takes note of every action that you make and every account or hashtag that you engage with and it suggests posts related to that post for you.

For instance, if you like a reel or picture from an account, the Instagram algorithm can suggest posts from accounts similar to the account you liked from.

Note this feature is different from a sponsored post.

As a creator, this feature can help you increase your reach when it suggests your posts to more audiences that may find them interesting.

newest features on Instagram of 2022

6. Chronological feed

Still, on your Instagram feed, this is another new feature that Instagram introduced.

On your feed, you can select how you want to see your posts.

There are now three ways to see your posts.

Home: This is the normal feed that shows you posts from everyone including people that you do not follow but the Instagram algorithm decides to suggest. If you are not interested in seeing posts from everyone, then the remaining two tabs are for you.

Following: The following tab shows posts from users that you are following. Posts from your followers that you are not following will not appear here and any random post will also not appear.

Favorites: Lastly, the favorite tab. This tab shows only posts from users that you have placed in your favorite list. Yes, Instagram now has a favorite list for you. So, when you add users to that list, the favorite tab shows their posts.

You can add or remove users from your favorite list anytime you feel like it.

Here’s how to add or remove users to your favorite list

  • Open Instagram
  • Click the dropdown icon beside the Instagram logo
  • Select Favorites
  • Tap the icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • Your favorite lists will be displayed and you can add or remove them from that list

When you add a user to the list, you would see a colored star beside their username. You can only add accounts that you are following to this list.

Keep in mind that anyone you add to your favorite, the Instagram algorithm gives their posts preference over any other post. So, you would usually see their posts first even when you switch to the home or following tab.

7. Create Instagram feed posts with reminders for events

You can now create an Instagram feed post for your event, but the most interesting thing is that you can add a reminder.

When users see this post, they can turn on the reminder and they get notified once the event begins or is about to begin.

This feature is a good way to promote your event, whether it is an Instagram or an offline meetup, you can get people notified before the event.

How to create Instagram feed posts with reminders

  • Go to Instagram
  • Click the plus ‘+’ sign to create a new feed post
  • Select your photo or take a new photo
  • Under the caption section, locate Add reminder
  • Enter the Reminder name, start time, and/or End time
  • Finish creating your post and share

8. Remix videos

You might have noticed the remix video feature that was released earlier this year. However, it is worth mentioning on this list.

With this feature, other users can now remix or better still remake your videos.

How to turn on remix videos feature

  • Go to Instagram
  • Click the plus ‘+’ sign to create a new feed post
  • Select your video or record a new one
  • Under the caption section, locate Add Remix Button
  • Toggle on the button
  • Finish creating your post and share

After turning on this feature, anyone would be able to remix your video

9. New Instagram poll sticker feature

Another feature that was released earlier this year is the new Instagram poll sticker feature.

The new look of the Instagram poll sticker allows you to include more than two options to your Instagram poll which makes it better than the old one plus it has a better look.

So, how do you use the Instagram poll sticker?

How to use the Instagram poll sticker

  • Tap on the plus ‘+’ sign by the top right corner
  • Tap on Story to add a new Instagram story
  • Record a new story or pick a media from your gallery
  • Tap the Sticker icon beside the text icon
  • Locate Poll
  • Add your question and share
Instagram story poll features on Instagram

10. Like Instagram stories

I have always wanted a feature like this one. Before this feature, the only way to engage with an Instagram story was to respond to it maybe by sending an emoji or text and it is received as a direct message.

There are some Instagram stories that I find interesting yet I do not want to engage with them by sending a DM (sending emojis is not a cool way to slide into someone’s DM anyways).

But with this new feature, I can engage with Instagram stories without sliding into the DMS.

We can now engage with Instagram stories by liking them and the creator of the Instagram story gets a notification that their Instagram story was liked. That’s way better.

You can like an Instagram story by clicking the love symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen.

11. Subscription for creators

Every time I watch a video of Adam Mosseri, he is always talking about how Instagram is committed to helping creators and influencers make more money on the app.

They are always making it easier for users to monetize Instagram and that was why they released this feature.

The subscription for creators feature is one of the best things that has happened to Instagram this year. As a creator, you can now make your content exclusive.

Your followers will have to subscribe to access the exclusive content.

This is a new Instagram feature and it is still being tested so, it is only available to users in some regions. Hopefully, it will be available to everyone soon.

12. Avatar

It is interesting to see that you can now create an avatar on Instagram. You can use the Instagram avatar to respond to messages, respond to Instagram stories, and even use it as your profile picture on Instagram.

How to create an avatar on Instagram

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to your profile by the bottom right corner
  • Tap on Edit Profile
  • Scroll down to locate Create avatar
  • Create your avatar and tap Done

The avatar is a more fun way to chat and use Instagram.

So, there you have it, the 12 newest features on Instagram in 2022 and how to use them.

I hope that this post was helpful, if it was, you should subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest on the blog. Also, let me know which of these new Instagram features you like and would be using.

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