I turned 25, here's what I did

The day I turned 25: A birthday blog plus lessons for every 25 year old

Yesterday, July 15, I turned 25.

Birthdays do not really excite me but I am big on celebrating milestones. So, when I turned 25, it was clear that I had to celebrate.

As the day approached, I decided to do lunch with friends.

Perfect idea. Everyone has been ‘adulting’ lately that we haven’t seen each other in years so, it was an opportunity to meet up.

Anyways, I found Spur restaurant online and decided to try them out.

The day I turned 25

Usually, I start my day with journaling but that morning’s session was different. It put me in a whole reflective and grateful mood.

Because I spend a lot of time inside my head, journaling has always helped me get my thoughts out and free my thinking. It’s a good thing to have a journal.

Anyways, before meeting with my friends, I had to quickly sort things with my bank.

I headed out at exactly 2:30 pm and arrived at Ikeja City Mall in less than 30 minutes.

A short review of Spur restaurant Ikeja

Quick disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored post.

Having said that, let’s move on.

I love space, I am a sucker for space so when I saw how spacious the interior was, it was a 100 for me.

There was enough space for everyone to do their thing privately.

Another thing that I really liked was the interior decor. The designs on the wall, the chandelier that hung low on the ceiling, and the flowers, all made sense.

Lastly, the food and the service.

I turned 25 in 2022

I had steak with jollof rice and salad as the main meal. Did full wings BBQ as starters. The food was awesome, although I couldn’t finish the steak, had to take it home.

We received great customer service from the guy who attended to us, so, that’s another thumbs up.

Overall, I would rate them 8/10.

How I feel as I turned 25

Lessons learned as I turned 25

Yes, I turned 25 but I still feel like a teenager. I still think that I am a teenager.

It is worth mentioning that Adekunle Gold gave me the perfect birthday gift with his new song and newsletter.

In the newsletter, he mentioned how sickle cell robbed him of his childhood. A statement I related with.

Sickle cell disorder robbed me of my teenage years. I was dealing with low self-confidence, battling avascular necrosis, and rewriting exams while my mates were doing what teenagers do.

I am grateful for those days because I think they gave me a thick skin. As a young adult, I have learned to enjoy the moment and not let sickle cell take the experience from me. I will explore life more and just do the things I say I am going to do.

What comes next after turning 25?

Life goes on. 30 is another milestone. Although I am learning to celebrate more often even when it is not my birthday.

Five years is a long time and a whole lot can happen so I would not make any plans. Instead, I would make flexible plans for finding things that ignite my soul.

I’ve learned that making flexible plans opens your mind to opportunities. Because we cannot see the future, we need to have an open mind so that we can step into all that the future has to offer.

I am very optimistic about the future.

My career as a social media manager has just begun and can get better in five years so hoping for that. Hopefully, I will have the mental and creative strength to pursue my passion for telling stories. Finish up my book and get it published.

I started taking my blogging seriously this year so let’s see where that takes us.

All of these are plans that I have, I don’t know what the future holds.

Best lessons learned so far

Always enjoy the present

Over the years, I have learned to always the moment. I consider myself a very ambitious person, that is why I am always looking forward to the future and the things that I want to achieve.

Sometimes, it feels like time is running out and I need to achieve so many things. If you feel like this too, I advise you to slow down and enjoy the present.

Well, I’m also taking my own advice. We still have a whole lifetime ahead of us, we are still young and need to experience that youthfulness.

Be patient

As I said, we are still young. We have so much time.

Gary Vaynerchuk always preaches patience and hustle to people in their twenties. I agree with this. This is the period we go after our dreams and our happiness, no matter how long that pursuit takes.

We grind and stay focused for the next five or ten years.

Build relationships

Every person you ask for advice will probably mention this. It is that important.

I have to admit that I am not good at building relationships.

As an introvert, it takes a lot to get out and meet people. My job as a writer and social media manager isn’t helping either so the best I can do is to make a conscious effort and take action steps.

Say no often

This is not the time to settle, whether that is in your career, relationship, or education, do not settle for less.

Anything that does not work for you, let it go.

I feel like saying no will save you a lot of stress. It might hurt at first to say no but you will have more peace of mind than when you say yes to what you want to say no to.

Learn and talk about money

Lastly, money.

I like that I am already learning about money (money management and money making), it is a really important subject.

Recently, I signed up for a newsletter that talks about money and it has been helpful. Click here if you would like to join.

Although it is not just that, there are also books and YouTube knowledge that I have been gathering. My aim is to gather as much knowledge about investing before jumping into it.

My point is that this is the time to start thinking about how you make your money, spend your money, and manage your money. Your future will thank you.

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