Stop overthinking and start enjoying the moment
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What does it mean to stop overthinking and enjoy the moment?

Is there really a way to stop overthinking and start enjoying the moment?

Let me ask you when was the last time you lost sleep over a past or future event, memory, or thought? For me, it happens every time.

I catch myself ruminating over past events. Wondering if I could have said something better, acted in a different way or had a different experience. It sometimes gets really crazy that I begin to beat myself up and scold myself especially when things could have been better.

As if that isn’t enough, I also catch myself thinking about the future. Most of the time, I am living in my head. My mind is either taking me to a past event or a future occurrence. There is always something.

Yes, maybe thinking about the future is a good thing being that it helps me plan and keep planning but it has a disadvantage which is, that it cripples the present. I never get to act on that plan because my mind refuses to settle.

I consume a lot of inspirational content and recently I’ve come across content that encourages stopping to overthink and actually enjoy the process but none tells me how to do that.

Even though we have little control over our thoughts, we would still like to stop overthinking and start enjoying the process and start living in the moment.

If you find yourself in the same shoes as me, perhaps, you can’t get a past event off your mind, or you keep getting anxious about the future, here’s a tip for you.


Writing, or shall I call it journaling has been very helpful for me and I would recommend it to anyone.

There are no rules or guidelines when it comes to journaling, just write whatever is on your mind, in whichever form that it comes to you.

I’m beginning to pay attention to my thoughts and whenever I feel like it is becoming a problem, I write. I write down the things that I am thinking and figure out if it is worth a space in my mind.

I realize that writing helps me free up my mind. It takes the burden off my mind to paper.

When you write, avoid judging your thoughts. Just put them down and maybe later, you can go through them to figure out if you need to take any action or take a lesson.

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However, I went online to find ways to stop overthinking and start enjoying the moment. Here are some exciting ways I found.

overthinking and enjoying the moment

How to stop overthinking and start enjoying the moment

1. Be aware

Our thoughts are manageable. You can take note of what’s going on in your mind and be aware of how that makes you feel.

Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of your emotions. That’s the first step to solving the problem of overthinking.

2. Practice mindfulness

In order to be aware of your thoughts, you have to be present. There is only one way to be present and that is to be mindful.

Mindfulness does not necessarily mean meditating but meditation can help you be mindful.

Avoid getting lost in your thoughts as that can ruin the present.

3. Choose to solve problems

Overthinking does not solve problems.

Instead of overthinking, learn to solve the problem. However, before solving a problem, you need to identify it. This is where writing can help.

Write your thoughts and figure out what the problem is.

For instance, if it is a past event, you cannot go back to the past but can make changes that would make a similar future occurrence turn out better,

4. Know the difference between fear and intuition

I think that this is so true. Fear can make you overthink things as well as intuition.

However, fear will stop you from making a decision and intuition will not. Many of what I overthink are a result of fear.

It makes it difficult to make a decision because the more you overthink, the more excuses you make up to not take action.

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5. Talk about it

Just like writing, talking about the things on your mind also frees your mind. If you do not feel comfortable talking to someone about your thoughts, you can record audio.

Something I learned recently is that you can dump your mind into your phone by recording audio. Talk to your phone as though you are talking to someone you can trust.

It helps you remove the thoughts from your head and free your mind.

I hope that these tips will help you. Let me know in the comment section how you deal with overthinking. Also, if you love this, you should subscribe to my newsletter for more awesome content.

3 thoughts on “What does it mean to stop overthinking and enjoy the moment?

  1. Splendid piece! I couldn’t agree more, thanks for sharing.

    I try writing out my thoughts sometimes, it does pretty help.
    With time I started becoming more aware of my thoughts and actions.
    Also self acceptance, like this is me I did what I did the way I thought I should at the moment. I can only try to get better.

    One of the ways I try relieving myself of thoughts of the past is by acknowledging that some things are meant to happen for me to learn important lessons, stop being naive, outgrow my immaturity and educate my Ignorance.
    So it’s either I grow as it is meant for my growth or I remain stalk in the past, which is definitely not beneficial.

    1. I feel you Tolu. Thank you for taking the time to read the post, I’m glad you found it helpful.

      The past is in the past and the best thing we can do is to learn from it moving forward. It’s helpful that you are acknowledging your thoughts and actions. I really love it. Keep doing your best to get better.

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