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Want to blog for free? The best free blogging sites to get you started in 2022

If you have ever considered starting a blog for free, this blog post will help you understand a lot of things about free blogging sites.

I can’t share my blogging journey without mentioning some of the free blogs that I started years ago, thanks to the free blogging platforms that I used.

Now more than ever, there are more inexpensive ways to start blogging and in this post, we will explore some of the sites that allow you to blog for free. Be sure to read till the end for my personal thought on starting a free blog.

This post might contain affiliate links which means that when you purchase using any of the products using the link, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you. Please note that commission from these products serves as a source of income which helps me keep this blog free to you.

What is a free blog?

A free blog is an online journal or weblog where you can share whatever information and opinion of yours for free. Yeah, it is completely free.

You might ask what that means.

Well, it means that you can blog (publish your blog posts) without registering a domain name or web hosting (if you do not know what a domain name or web hosting is, you better read this post: Blogging for beginners: How to start a blog the right way).

Five free blogging sites to help you start blogging for free

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites in the world and you can blog for free on it.

As long as you are comfortable with not having your own domain name and web hosting, WordPress is a good choice.

Visit to get your free blog started.

There are blogging templates available for your blog.

However, it is important for me to state that having a free blog on WordPress restricts some features. For instance, you have less control over the look of your blog.

2. Blogger

Blogger was developed by Google and it is another free blogging site you can start using in 2022.

Whether you want to share your knowledge, experience, or journey, you can do that by starting a free blog on

Although its popularity has reduced over the years it still functions as it use to and can help you achieve your goal of blogging for free.

3. Medium

Perfect for writers and anyone who wants to share their thoughts and opinions with the world. You can start a blog on for free today and with over 60 million per month on the site, your blog has the potential of being seen.

It’s very simple to have a blog on Medium, all you have to do is create an account and start writing. Add images to your writings and share them with the world.

4. LinkedIn

Like Medium, you can have a blog on LinkedIn. The best part is that LinkedIn is absolutely free.

You don’t have to worry about getting your posts seen because there are millions of users going to LinkedIn every day.

Although there are some strategies that you need in order to grow on LinkedIn I can tell you for a fact that it is easy to get your posts seen on LinkedIn.

Check out this LinkedIn Made Easy course to start smashing your LinkedIn goals.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is another free blogging site. Similar to Medium, it is a microblogging site that allows bloggers to share multimedia and other content to their blogs.

On Tumblr, you can follow other users and share blog posts.

Start your free blog on

Pros of using free blogging sites

Free to use: Since everything you are doing is free, then you will be able to save money. Using free blogging sites means that you don’t need to worry about paying for a domain name and web hosting or renewing them every month.

Perfect for personal use: Yes, if your goal is just to share your thoughts, knowledge, or experience, feel free to start with a free blogging site. Although if you use free microblogging sites like Medium or LinkedIn or Tumblr, you can brand yourself properly such that you look like an expert.

Good for beginners: Blogging can be overwhelming at the beginning because there is so much to learn. As a beginner, you can start practicing blogging using a free blogging site like WordPress and Blogger. If you don’t have enough financial means to maintain a blog, free blogging sites are perfect to start with.

However, don’t get too comfortable with free blogging sites. Once you’ve learned a few things, you can go ahead to start a paid blog.

Cons of using free blogging sites

Looks unprofessional: Free blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger look really unprofessional. When you start a free blog, you get your web address that looks something like or

Such a web address is unprofessional and no one would be willing to work with you if you have that.

SEO challenges: Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest ways to send traffic to your site. Search engines such as Google can get your blog millions of readers every month.

However, Google does not rank blogs that are free. You might be lucky to show up in Google searches when you use a free blogging site like Medium but the chances are low.

Monetization can be difficult: There are different ways to monetize a blog. You can run ads, use affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or sell a product.

All of these will be difficult to achieve if you use a free blogging site.

Little or no control: With a free blog, you have very little or no control over your blog. You are forced to abide by the rules of that blogging platform and you would not be able to design your blog as you wish.

Since the blog isn’t yours, anyone can register the blog name you have in mind so it becomes unavailable.

You should read this post: Blogging for beginners: How to start a blog the right way

Should you start your blog on free blogging sites?

Now that you are aware of some of the free blogging sites available, should you use them?

A good way to decide whether you should start a free blog or not is to look at your goals.

Do you want to influence people and increase your income or do you just want to share your experience with friends and family?

Although I strongly stand behind getting a domain name and web hosting. There is no need to start with a free blog if you can afford to register a domain name.

I am offering a group coaching program that will help you and others start your blog even as a beginner. You don’t have to worry about what you know or what you do not know, just come as you are and I will help you reach your blogging goals.

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