An introduction about me and this blog

Hey, welcome to my blog The ambitious warrior. My name is Abayomi Afolayan AZEEZ, born with a chronic illness called sickle cell disorder. Living with sickle cell disorder is tough but warriors are tougher.

There are many challenges that come with living with an invisible chronic illness like sickle cell disorder, one of them is getting a job or building a career.

Because of this, there’s a high rate of unemployment among us which in turns raises poverty rate.

Sad, right? I know.

But we can make a change.

In 2016, I developed avascular necrosis of the hip and this made me to start limping. I needed money for drugs and managing it. I couldn’t get a job, I was a student and I limp.

After searching the internet and making every research I can, I found ways to make money online. I learnt as much as I could.

Everything I learnt, I share on this blog.

So the aim of the ambitious warrior is simply to help you (chronic illness warrior) build an online business around your passion and work from anywhere.

Some of the topics you will find here are

I would be sharing online business tips, blogging tips and advice.

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