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How to drive massive traffic to a chronic illness blog
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How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Chronic Illness Blog

Have you ever felt like quitting because your chronic illness blog is not growing? You are sharing all these amazing tips and interesting content on your chronic illness but no one is reading? See, I understand that feeling. Every blogger does. It is frustrating to spend hours creating a blog post and no one is …

Writing a search engine optimized blog post
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10 powerful tips for writing a search engine optimized blog post

You can drastically increase your blog traffic just by writing a search engine optimized blog post. This means your blog post ranks on search engines like Google. Blogging is a form of content marketing and if you want to increase your brand visibility and gain trust then content marketing is a must. Recent statistics from …

Free amazing wordpress plugins
Blogging First year blogging

5 free amazing plugins to install for your new WordPress blog

If you run a WordPress blog then you need plugins to grow it. Blogging is not just about starting a blog, it is about growing and running it successfully for years. I state again that running a successful blog require plugins and WordPress offer free amazing plugins. When I first tried blogging in 2019, I …

Blogging for people living with chronic illness

Why I started a blog for people living with chronic illness

Usually first posts are overwhelming and maybe scary but somehow I feel confident writing this one. I am also curious as to what this journey holds maybe it is because I have done this several times in the past. Don’t be afraid to start over. This time you’re not starting from scratch, you’re starting from experience. I am definitely starting …