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How a mum takes care of a child with sickle cell
Lifestyle Sickle Cell

How one mum runs a sickle cell charity and takes care of her warrior at the same time

Sickle cell disorder isn’t something anyone can prepare for. Typically  the whole family will at one point or another feel the harsh effects of sickle cell. But what does it feel like to be a mum to a child living with sickle cell? I’m curious to know. If you are too, keep reading. I connected …

Chronic illness quotes for people living with chronic illness
Lifestyle Personal Growth

50+ chronic illness quotes that will inspire you immediately

These chronic illness quotes are the perfect instruments to keep you inspired to become your best self. I understand that sometimes it might be hard to stay positive living with sickle cell (or other chronic illness) but it is important not to let your chronic illness get to you and stop you from becoming your …

Lessons learned as sickle cell warrior living in lagos
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Lessons I learned in a day as someone living with sickle cell in Lagos

I’m sure anyone living in Lagos or have lived in Lagos would agree with me that the Lagos is super stressful and you have to really street smart to live in certain areas of Lagos. There is even a popular saying that if you no fit wise for Lagos, you no fit wise for anywhere. …

Depression and chronic illness: How to deal with depression that comes with living with a chronic illness
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Depression and chronic illness: How to deal with depression

Depression and chronic illness are closely related. Living with a chronic illness increases the rate of getting depressed. According to webmd, it is estimated that up to one-third of people with a serious medical condition have symptoms of depression, and people living with sickle cell disorder are no exception. Even though I haven’t been in …

Perfect jobs for people living with chronic illness
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The “perfect” job for people living with a chronic illness

I doubt there’s anything like the “perfect job” whether you are someone living with chronic illness or not. Every job has its own advantages and disadvantages, then what do I mean by a perfect job? keep reading to find out. Being born with a chronic illness like sickle cell disorder is tough in every area …