How a mum takes care of a child with sickle cell
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How one mum runs a sickle cell charity and takes care of her warrior at the same time

Sickle cell disorder isn’t something anyone can prepare for. Typically  the whole family will at one point or another feel the harsh effects of sickle cell. But what does it feel like to be a mum to a child living with sickle cell? I’m curious to know. If you are too, keep reading. I connected …

How to use Instagram for advocacy
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How to use Instagram for advocacy in 2021: A practical guide

According to statistics from Oberlo, Instagram is estimated to have over 1 billion users in 2021. That is almost 74 million users more than the figure in 2020. As an advocate of sickle cell disorder, I have always thought of the internet as a great tool for advocacy. Also, social media platforms like Instagram cannot …

How to drive massive traffic to a chronic illness blog
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How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Chronic Illness Blog

Have you ever felt like quitting because your chronic illness blog is not growing? You are sharing all these amazing tips and interesting content on your chronic illness but no one is reading? See, I understand that feeling. Every blogger does. It is frustrating to spend hours creating a blog post and no one is …

Seven online business for people living with chronic illness
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Seven ‘easy to start’ online business ideas for people with chronic illness this year

One of the many challenges that come with living with a chronic illness is getting or keeping a job, here are some business ideas for people living with chronic illness. Being born with sickle cell disorder, I knew I was different from everybody else because I couldn’t do much of what my mates did. Sickle …

How to make money on Instagram
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How to make money on Instagram: Even if you have 1,000 followers

Is it truly possible to make money on Instagram even with a thousand followers? The answer is yes. I’ll show you how in this post. Gone are the day when Instagram was a small social media platform where friends and family connect and catch up on old times. Now, Instagram has evolved into a marketing …